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Treadmill Test (TMT Test)

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Our Concept Diagnostics at Ahmedabad is well equipped with advanced technologies at par with international standards. The treadmill test is one of the facilities we provide.

TMT test which is often called stress test or exercise test, measures the heart’s response to physical workout in controlled environment.

During the test, you will be asked to walk on the moving treadmill or sometimes uses treadmill cycle while you’re hooked up to an ECG (electrocardiography)machine.The heart rate and blood pressure are monitored continuously along with 12 lead ECG with computerized ST and arrhythmia detection algorithms.

Patients who are unable to walk or workout can still undergo this test, as pharmacological agents are demonstrated in patients which stimulates the activity of heart during workout. The test is terminated in case of breathlessness, fatigue, severe asthma, syncope or when the targeted result is achieved.

Before Treadmill Test (Stress/TMT)

During TMT Test


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