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Bipolar Disorder

Do You Know About Bipolar disorder?

It is hard to deny that the majority of people are undergoing depression, anxiety, stress, mental trauma, bipolar disorder, which are no doubt excessively harmful. The bond with the loved ones can be carried away by this type of behavior. Manic depression is often called a bipolar disorder, whereby a person experiences unusual mood swings at an extreme level. Sometimes he feels extremely happy or euphoric and energetic while at another he feels immensely low, irritable, less energetic. This situation makes day-to-day living difficult and also makes survival arduous. Mental instability can affect our routine life, habits, energy, moods, sleep, activity, verdicts, and potency to ponder upon something clearly. When you experience this, you should seek immediate medical attention and also get a Stress Test.

Different Phases during Bipolar Disorder:

There are assorted types of bipolar disorder. Before moving to them, let’s understand about 3 types of phases a person can have during bipolar disorder i.e., manic, hypomanic, depression.

Manic Episode:

It is a phase of at least a week, in this a person is extremely full of spirits and the most irritable at this time. He feels more energetic than usual and also experiences rapid change in behavior at least thrice. Manic episodes lead to sleeplessness because of feeling energetic, faster speech, quick changes in mind, restlessness, rough behavior etc.

Hypomanic Episode:

This phase is less severe than a manic episode which lasts for four days in a row. It does not lead to severe problems and does not hinder daily life as a manic episode. Mania is more intense and severe than hypomanic.

Depressive Episode:

Major depressive episode is quite severe and lasts for at least two weeks while experiencing more than 5 symptoms in this duration such as feeling despair, intense sadness, insomnia, anxiety in little things, increased or decreased appetite, sudden gain or loss in weight, lack of concentration, sense of guilt, irritability, can’t able to enjoy good things etc.

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder:

Different types of bipolar disorder come up with a variety of symptoms which can cause sudden or quick change in moods.
  • Bipolar I Disorder: You may experience one manic cycle that may be followed by hypomanic or depressive episodes. Every so often, mania may affect your brain process and can make you behave abnormally
  • Bipolar II disorder: In this, you may experience at least one major depressive cycle and at least one hypomanic cycle, but never experience a manic episode.
  • Cyclothymic disorder: you have it for at least two years like one in childhood and another in teenage. You may experience hypomania or depressive cycles.
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