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Early Breast Cancer Detection in Ahmedabad

Early Breast Cancer Detection in Ahmedabad

It is quite debilitating to deal with the body when it is underlying any medical conditions. However, if any condition is diagnosed or detected at an early stage, it becomes quite uncomplicated to cope with. So, don’t dwell on any kind of stress concerning with your body as at Concept Diagnostics, we provide an all-inclusive package for comprehensive tests at a single stop.

Mammography at Concept diagnostics:

At Concept Diagnostics located at Ahmedabad, we provide advance mammography to examine the tissues inside the breast. Mammogram is an X-ray image of breast, usually it detects the breast cancer in women with no signs and symptoms of the diseases. If have lump in breasts then it can be also detected through mammography.

It is a kind of x-examination of breast. You will have to stand in front of (mammogram) X-ray machine. Your breast will be placed between the two plastic plates by technologist. Those plates will flatten your breast until gets a clear X-ray. This may be little painful and uncomfortable but worthwhile. Same will be done for another breast. You won’t get the result on the spot. You will get your written mammography result within 30 days!

Get your detailed reports within a short span of time at affordable cost. Your health is our priority and we consider the unique need of our every patient and work accordingly.