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Most Important tests for women above 30 years

Most Important tests for women above 30 years

The anatomy of women’s body is pretty complex that sometimes it remains them unsuspecting of some of the medical conditions. With ageing, our body undergoes various changes and also leads to the hormonal development which is crucial for the regulation of our metabolic activities. So, it is quite important to get periodic health checkup and enlighten ourselves with our health status.

Foremost tests for women above 30:

PAP Smear Test:

PAP smear test is a pelvic examination to  comprehend the checkup of reproductive organs including uterus, ovaries, fallopian tube and cervix. It detects early cancerous cells in cervix and even existing cancerous cells. Numerous women lose their life owing to cervical cancer. If it is detected at an early stage then it can be treated. It is recommended to get once in three years to the women above 30.


Mammogram is done to detect breast cancers in women. In this test, breasts are compressed between two metal plates and screened to identify cancerous cells. It is recommended to get once in two years. If it is detected at an early stage then it can save lives. India has the most women with breast cancer. There are less possibilities to treat this when diagnosed late, so mammogram which is an x-ray of the breast, can help to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

Complete Blood Count:

Well, this is the basic report to get to know about overall health. This will get you to know about Red Blood cells, White Blood cells, platelets, vitamins, irons deficiency etc. including 14 tests. Regular CBC test is important to check on a healthy percentage of blood corpuscles, hence preventing the onset of anemia.

Thyroid Function Test:

Thyroid gland releases two hormones namely thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) which helps in regulating the metabolic activities of our body. This test checks the functioning of thyroid in body. Women get affected more, when compared to men by underactive or overactive thyroid. So, it is advisable to get regular thyroid function checkup when you feel certain symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, unusual heartbeat, insensitivity to cold or hot, weakness.

Blood Pressure Test:

There are multiples factors in women causes hypertensions such as stress, menopause, complicated pregnancy can lead to high or low blood pressure. Blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack or heart diseases. So, if they are detected early and controlled in well-manner then it can reduce the risk. Annual checkup is very crucial at this age though you have normal blood pressure.

Besides these, there are other tests like dental, eyes and skin examination which every woman needs to go for. At Concept Diagnostics, we offer various packages for women, Full Female Body Check-up, Whole Body Checkup for every individual and many other tests. We provide each and every test under one roof. Get your elaborated reports in the fastest time possible at Concept Diagnostics. We keep our patients in constant touch with our specialists to get better understanding of their reports.