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    Color Doppler Ultrasound 3D/4D Scan in Ahmedabad

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    Color Doppler is a type of Ultrasound. In ultrasound, high frequency sound waves are transmitted into your body to get a view of internal organs of the body. These waves produce images of the organs on monitor.
    Color Doppler is an approach which overspread colors on the picture of blood vessels in order to track the speed and direction of blood flow in the vessel. This test is used to ascertain the existence of blood clots if present in the body and also for detecting blockages in the arteries and for the detection of Deep Vein Thrombosis. This test is also known as doppler effect.

    This process mostly takes 30-40 minutes while in complicated cases it may take more time.

    How Is Doppler Ultrasound used in Pregnancy?

    Doppler scans are also used for various other conditions such as:

    Preparation before Color Doppler


    Well, Color doppler is a type of ultrasound. Usually, ultrasound provides an image of internal organs of body when high frequency sound waves are transmitted. Whereas, Color Doppler is used to get an image of flowing blood by superimposing color on the blood vessels.
    A Pregnant women require two key ultrasound scans. The one is during the first trimester to determine the number of babies, track the baby’s heartbeat, to check on baby’s growth, and determine a due date. Another scan is in the second trimester to identify physical abnormalities if any and ascertain that the baby is growing rightly.

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