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X Ray Breast screening helps to screen healthy women for breast cancer.


    At Concept Diagnostics centered at Ahmedabad, we provide advance radiography of the breast to view the inside tissues of breast. Mammogram is an X-ray picture of breast, usually it detects the breast cancer in women who has no signs and symptoms of the disease.
    Avoid mammography during periods or a week before you get your periods
    If you feel or have lump or other unusual surface findings in/on the breast then it can be also detected through mammography.

    As it is said prevention is always better than cure. Even if you are feeling that everything is fine and you don’t need any checkup, still moving for checkup would be best for you. Mammography can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer in women. It is recommended to both younger and older women to have a checkup and identify the breast cancer or high risk of diseases.

    Well, it is safer as it uses less dose of X-rays to detect early cancer before even experiencing symptoms of those. Sometimes, abnormal mammography doesn’t mean you have breast cancer but it also come up with the abnormalities other than cancer in your body which can be treatable before it affects your body wholly.

    When do I need Mammogram Test

    Mammography Test Cost in Ahmedabad

    You don’t need to get scared it doesn’t take too long!

    You need to stand in front of special X-ray machine. Your breast will be placed between the two plastic plates by a female nurse. Those plates will flatten your breast until gets a clear X-ray. This may be little painful and uncomfortable but worthwhile. Same will be done for another breast. You won’t get the result on the spot.

    You will get your written mammography result within 30 days!

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    At concept Diagnostics, we provide mammography test in Ahmedabad at an affordable cost with detailed analysis. You will get your results as early as possible. Contact us now!


    Mammography is a kind of X-ray examination of the breast. You will have to stand in front of a specially designed mammography machine. Then, your breast will be placed one after another on the flat surface for screening.

    Mammography captures the images of the breast in order to detect any abnormalities in tissues of the breast and most importantly detects breast cancer or signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

    Well, mammography may get you mild to moderate discomfort while breast compression. Sometimes, it does not provide an accurate picture so patients are called for additional mammograms. There is a possibility to go for false positive biopsies in the worst case.

    Usually, mammography is safe and the best method to detect breast cancer and abnormalities. However, if a person gets mammography repeatedly in a short period of time, then it may harm the breast in the long Few women may experience prolonged pain and hematoma.

    Mammography screening is recommended to women aged 45-54 once in a year. Women above 54 and average-risk women of all ages are recommended breast screening once in every 2 years.

    Well, how painful it is depends on the tolerance power of the patient. For some it may not be painful but for others it may create mild to moderate discomfort but for a short time, which is quite normal.

    The cost of mammogram varies from place to place, at Concept Diagnostics, it is just 1250/- pretty affordable and quick reports.

    • There are various factors which can cause breast cancer such as,
    • Genetic mutation
    • Damage to DNA
    • Abnormal DNA
    • Inherited genetic Defects

    Radiogram and mammogram both use radiations to produce an image of the breast but radiograms are read and stored as a film. Whereas mammograms are read and can be stored in the computer so that detailed analysis is possible.

    Age is the highest risk factor of breast cancer. Also, the women who are not physically active and living a sedentary Women above 50-55 are at the highest risk of breast cancer.