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Why is a Sonography or Ultrasound done?

Complete Guide of Sonography / Ultrasound

What is Sonography?

Sonography is a non-invasive procedure, whereby High-frequency sound waves are transmitted into the various organs of your body which allows the doctor to get an internal view of organs. These sound waves produce images of the internal organs on the monitor which helps the doctor to detect issues and any medical conditions.


Sonography is also known as Ultrasound or USG.

What is Sonography or Ultrasound

Why is a Sonography or Ultrasound done?

In case, you’ve been going through certain symptoms such as pain, swelling, unexplained changes in your body or others. Then, our doctor may recommend you to undergo ultrasound.

In order to detect the issues, certain internal organs need to be examined under ultrasound or sonography.

Checklist of the organs examined under Diagnostics Ultrasound

  • Bladder
  • Gallbladder
  • Kidney and liver
  • Thyroid
  • Pancreas
  • Brain (in infants)
  • Pelvis, prostate and scrotum
  • Testicles
  • Prostate
  • Ovaries and uterus
  • Blood vessels
  • Eyes
  • Abdomen and spleen

It covers just about every organ of the body, so the issues can be detected with utmost accuracy and can be treated within a short stretch of time. Life, sometimes don’t offer second chance but gives repeated signs to save life so don’t ignore and get the checkup done.

How an ultrasound is performed

  • We will have you to change and wear hospital gown
  • You will have to lie down on your back on the examination table.
  • Subsequently, a sonographer will apply a lubricating gel to your skin in order to rub the transducer smoothly, Transducer sends high frequency sound waves through you body
  • This will produce echo by hitting the internal organs or bones and reflect back with high pitch so as to create an image.
  • That image will be interpreted by the doctor for further probe
  • Gel will be cleaned off from your skin and you can get back in your normal clothes
  • This process will take 30 minutes or less
  • Doctor will review the images and schedule an appointment with you to discuss the findings

How an ultrasound is performed

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USG Scrotum 1000/-
USG Neck 1200/-
USG Pelvis 800/-
USG ANC 1000/-
USG Lower Abdomen 800/-
Doppler USG 1200/-
USG 3D 4D 1500/-
USG 2D ECCO 1800/-
USG Small parts 1000/-
USG TVS Cost 1000/-
USG Thyroid Scan 1000/-
USG Whole Abdomen 1000/-
USG Upper Abdomen 800/-

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