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Spriometry test: Medical test for smokers

Spirometry test: Medical test for smokers

Hey! If you smoke then you must need spirometry test. Know what it is!”

Smoking is when you breathe smoke from burning tobacco such as cigarettes, pipes and cigars which harm internal organs of one’s body. Numerous people counting men and women both suffers from life-threatening medical condition called lung cancer which is majorly caused by smoking.

Why Do people smoke after knowing that it is injurious to health?

People still smoke when they know it is harmful, the one big answer is Addiction. To relieve the stress, to lessen the daily work pressure, to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, mood swings, negative mood, bad tempered, they smoke for once and get addicted to it.

Once you smoke, there is an ingredient called nicotine is present in it, which spread thoroughly in all their body. Nicotine makes person longing to smoke again and again. This is highly addictive ingredient so smoker craves to smoke more and more.

Some people smoke to look and act cool, pretend to be older, and to feel free. However, it spoils the internal organs of the body no matter why do you smoke.

At what extent, smoking can harm a person?

It has one advantage but thousands of disadvantages. You may get pleasure for once but it will spoil your lungs. While satisfying your soul, you cheat your body when you smoke.

Smoking increases the chances of death, reduces the life span, affects your fertility, can cause lungs cancer, chronic or serious illness, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, tuberculosis and many more beyond one can think. One can even die because of smoking limitlessly

Medical tests for smokers:

If you are a smoker or chain smoker, then you must undergo spirometry test. Besides this, Chest X-ray, CT scan, Electrocardiogram, Diabetes screening, Highsensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) test, in case you want to get in deep. We offer all the above tests at Concept Diagnostics

All About spirometry test:

Spirometry test is the most basic test to check out the condition of your lungs and its function. This is simple and less expensive breathing test mostly done along with Chest X-ray. Another name of Spirometry test is PFT test (Pulmonary Function Test).

Spirometry is the most important test for diagnosing COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease). What more, this test figures out the possibility of lung fibrosis, lung cancer, esophageal cancer or any other medical condition related to your lungs and respiration

Before test:

  • Do not eat too much or big plates
  • Inform doctor about current medications (if any)
  • Wear loose clothes while test, to breathe easily
  • Cut off caffeine before test
  • If you had any surgery of heart or chest, you may feel little discomfort
  • If you have any respiratory disease, then it may trouble you a bit

How is spirometry test performed?

This is very simple breathing test. All you need to do is to inhale and exhale or blow into a machine for 6-7 seconds. It will show how much air is moving into your lungs and how it comes out. This test will detect the capacity of your lungs.

If you quit smoking, you may heal again. Well, it has no doubt that it takes a long time to quit but worth it. Choose to live over smoke and make a smart choice.

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