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The Fetal Anomaly Scan For Moms-to-be

The Fetal Anomaly Scan For Moms-to-be

Congratulations on carrying a tiny tot inside your belly. I am pretty sure that your entire focus is shifted to that little soul right now! It is indubitable that you are taking good care of your baby in all possible ways. But wait! I think you have forgotten something. Have you undergone a fetal anomaly scan?

Well, an anomaly scan is done in the mid-pregnancy around the 20th week. This scan is recommended for all pregnant ladies who are in the second trimester. An anomaly scan is usually done to check the development of the baby and to know what’s going on with the baby inside. Whether your baby is normally growing or not? If this question comes to your mind, then an anomaly scan will elucidate your dilemma.

You can choose Concept Diagnostic Centre for your mid pregnancy scan and other pregnancy tests. We are committed to provide crystal clear reports to our valuable patients. Just flip through this article to know why you need an anomaly scan and what it shows?

No parents want their baby to suffer from any birth defects or any medical conditions. So, they are always longing to know if their baby is growing normally inside the belly.  A good many women say that the second trimester is the toughest one and you really need medical attention during that phase. To rule out all your worries and doubts, there is a test called anomaly test.

Why Do You Need An Anomaly Test?

To be honest to your question, there are superabundance of the benefits for choosing this test for you and your baby inside.

  • To get a closer look of the entire womb
  • To get a closer look at the baby
  • To check the growth of the baby
  • To detect the abnormalities in the developing baby
  • To see the position of placenta
  • To get an idea about umbilical cord and amount of amniotic fluid
  • To know what is going with the baby inside
  • To detect if there is any serious defect such as cleft lip, anencephaly, open spina bifida, exomphalos etc.
  • To get an idea about the inner and outer body embracing heart, spinal cord, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, limbs, face, lips etc.

We believe that this is more than parents want to know. This test is a pretty satisfying ultrasound scan which will just take 30-40 minutes. Our sonographer will hand you out 2D 3D black and white pictures as reports. There is more than one reason to keep faith in us.

Book an appointment now! Not for you, but for the little heart throbbing inside your belly.

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