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Causes of Type II Diabetes

What Are The Main Causes of Type II Diabetes?

Type II Diabetes is a life-time condition, which restricts the body to use insulin the way it should. This means, if you are a person with type II diabetes, then your body cells are impotent to use the glucose from the food you eat. You might be wondering, what will happen when it is left unattended and what causes type II diabetes?

Causes of Type II Diabetes

Well, you must not turn a blind eye to diabetes especially, when you know that you are suffering from this or if you are at risk of this condition. The very first thing is you should go for the Diabetes HbA1c Test in Ahmedabad. This is a simple blood test which will get you know about the average sugar levels present in your blood over the past 3 months.

If type II diabetes ever left unattended or untreated then, it will hand you out some other health conditions for free, which can make your life arduous. You can expect heart problems, heart stroke or attack, kidney related diseases etc. from untreated type II Diabetes. So, pay attention to this condition.

What are the causes of type II Diabetes?

There can be various causes of this condition but to know yours, please get a Diabetes Function Test and have consultation with our health care provider. But wait! Before visiting us, give a sight to possible causes of type II diabetes,

  • Most common causes of type II diabetes are inactive or unhealthy lifestyle and obesity.
  • Your pancreas might be impotent to produce enough amount of insulin
  • Your body cells are not enough capable to use the insulin the way it should as they become resistant to insulin
  • Your body might not respond properly to insulin
  • Genetic linkage (someone in your family had or have this condition)
  • Metabolic syndrome which include high BP, high cholesterol.
  • If your body has broken beta cells which releases wrong amount of insulin on wrong time

Besides this, there can be other causes too, you can control it by switching to a healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices. Apart from that, the most important thing is to get your test done to know about your body in detail. Book Diabetes Test Packages in Ahmedabad and get your details within 24 hours.