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What tests will you need when you have chest pain?

What tests will you need when you have chest pain?

Chest pain doesn’t necessarily mean a heart attack but yes! The first test, when you experience chest pain is done to check the chances of heart attack. Why? Because it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you experience chest pain as it has the potential risk of heart attack.

Besides this, life threatening lung conditions such as collapsed lungs and blood clots are also checked in order to prevent any uncertainties. At Concept Diagnostics, we offer comprehensive tests to detect the reason for chest pain. Some of the initial tests our health care provider may recommend are as follows,

Blood tests:

it is done to check the augmented level of certain proteins or enzymes that are spotted in the heart muscles. A heart attack can cause damage to heart cells which leads to the leakage of protein or enzymes over a period of time in the blood.


the best and rapid test to track the electrical activity of the heart. There are electrodes in the form of sticky patches attached on the chest and a few times on arms and legs. Electrodes are connected to the wires that display the results on the computer. Speed of heart beats, breathing patterns, potential risk of heart attacks can be detected by ECG or EKG.

Chest X-ray:

An X-ray examination of the chest manifests the condition of the lungs and also the size and shape of the heart and blood vessels. Besides this, it brings the lung problems to the light so early treatment can be given.

CT scan:

it is an elaborated test that reveals the blood clot in the lung and also detects an aortic

Above tests are mandatory, after these tests there are some follow up tests that you may need,

  • Stress test
  • Echocardiogram
  • CT scan
  • Coronary catheterization

In a nutshell, we choose the best for your chest. For your whole body check up, concept diagnostics is the on-stop solution for all your problems. Book your package now!