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Breast cancer

Why Is Breast Cancer Becoming More Common?

The truth is that the risk factors are increasing with modernization. Due to the combination of various risk factors, women are more likely to suffer from breast cancer. Above all, women with older age have greater chances to become a victim of breast cancer. However, there are few risk factors which still have not come into the light and you may never know.

Anyways, it is pretty important to know who is at risk of breast cancer. This does not necessarily mean that women with risk factors will certainly get breast cancer. But, the odds of getting breast cancer for them is pretty high as compared to the women with no risk.

Just flip through this article & enlighten yourself with the risk factors of breast cancer and know how it spreads!

  • Increasing age increases the odds of breast cancer (Above 40 years)
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Someone in the family had or have breast cancer
  • Ill reproductive history such as PCOD, pregnancy
  • Post-menopausal hormone therapy
  • Excessive consumption of tobacco
  • Poor lifestyle choice

Besides the above mentioned, there are some factors which are non-identifiable. Sometimes women who have risk factors don’t get breast cancer while women with zero risks experience breast cancer. So, doctors recommend to undergo mammography test on regular basis in order to rule out the breast cancer at an early age.

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How does breast cancer spread?

Breast cancer is found in the epithelium cells of the ducts mostly and sometimes in the glandular tissue of the breast. At an initial level, the growth of cancerous cells is constricted to the duct or the lobules. Moreover, it does not bring up any symptoms and has very less potential to spread. This is known as in situ i.e., stage 0

With the passing time, the cancerous cells may start to develop and assail the encompassing breast tissue and will gradually spread to the lymph nodes or other organs in the body and become worse. Owing to widespread metastasis, women can even die from breast cancer.

It becomes fatal as it reaches the next stage one after another. So, it is very important to identify this at an early juncture so that the breast cancer treatment can be highly effective.

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How can you prevent breast cancer?

Women perform multiple tasks in their daily routine so they often neglect the most important thing that is their reproductive health. They tend to focus when something unusual occurs or when it reaches to the next level.

We don’t want you to suffer, so we suggest you follow the tips to prevent breast cancer.

  • If you are a nursing mother, give prolonged breast feeding
  • Try to minimize the post-menopausal hormone therapy
  • Maintain a balanced body weight
  • Switch to a healthy lifestyle
  • Stay positive and stress-free
  • Steer clear of any addictions such as smoking, alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Stay active and focus on regular physical activity
  • Avoid exposure to radiation, chemical environment and tobacco
  • Have a healthy diet

How is breast cancer treated?

Well, first and foremost thing is an early detection of breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment works amazingly if it is identified at a zero stage. Breast cancer treatment embraces a good many options like combinations of surgical removal, therapy via radiation and medications such as hormonal therapy, chemotherapy. An effort to combat the growth of microscopic cancer and overall breast tumor that spreads throughout the body.


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