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Why Is Mammogram The Best Way To Detect Breast Cancer?

Why Is Mammogram The Best Way To Detect Breast Cancer?

A mammogram is a breast X-ray image. In order to discover or detect any tissue abnormalities, lumps, or tumours in the patients’ breasts, mammography is defined as the process of taking photographs of the breast. Additionally, it is crucial to help patients recognize the tell-tale signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Benefits of Mammography:

Mammogram is the most effective option to detect breast cancer as it serves two main purposes.

Mammography screening: Typically, screening mammography is performed to detect early cancer in women who have no symptoms or indicators of breast cancer. A timely mammography for screening aids in reducing the number of breast cancer-related deaths.

It can identify the development of malignant tissues before any symptoms appear, allowing for the early application of medicines to stop the disease’s spread. You are exposed to modest doses of radiation, but you also learn if there are any additional abnormalities.

Diagnostic mammography is typically performed when a woman exhibits any symptoms or indicators, such as lumps in the breast, intense breast discomfort, discharge from the nipple, odd skin colour, or changing breast shape or size. Even if this illness may not be cancer, it is crucial to get screened to reduce risk.

What happens during a mammogram?

You will be required to stand in front of a mammography machine, which consists of two surfaces that compress the breast in between them to identify anomalies in the patient’s breast. Your breasts will then be placed on the lower surface, and the platform will be adjusted to fit your height.

The two plates will compress your breasts by providing pressure to the spread breast tissues for a brief period of time. The exerted pressure will hold and spread the breast equally while maintaining its firmness. When exposed to radiation, you must stand firmly and hold your breath for a few seconds.

It hurts a little and could make a woman uncomfortable. The breast image will be shot on camera in black and white from two separate perspectives.

Things you need to know after mammogram:

The technician will examine the captured images to see whether they are clear or not. It is mandatory to repeat the procedure one more time if it is still unclear. There are chances that your breast could experience some minor discomfort or soreness.

You can resume your regular schedule after an hour. The doctor will receive your reports for more investigation. The entire process takes 30 to 40 minutes.

You might need a biopsy or an MRI if there are any inexplicable anomalies in order to receive a conclusive answer. Mammography occasionally failed to detect certain tissues or problems. So, in order to gain a better understanding, you can be advised to get a magnification test. Get tested at Concept Diagnostics and receive thorough reports in a timely manner.

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