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Covid Special Test Packages

Get yourself Covid tested in Ahmedabad at Concept Diagnostics.

Covid Antibody Test & Covid Fly Profile Test At Home


    Semi Flu Profile 1100/-

    CBC 300/-
    CRP 400/-
    D-dimer 800/-
    Total Price 1100/-

    Flu Profile Full 2400/-

    CBC 300/-
    CRP 400/-
    D-dimer 800/-
    SGPT 200/-
    Creat 200/-
    RBS 50/-
    LDH 500/-
    Ferritin 500/-
    Total Price 2400/-

    Antibody Profile 500/-

    Antibody Detection Test for Covid 19 By CLIA (As per Govt.) 500/-

    Antigen test (Rapid test) and Molecular Test (RTPCR Test) can detect the SARS-Cov-2 which causes Covid19

    No, rapid test can definitely detect omicron variant but sometimes you it cannot trace virus so to you need to go for RTPCR test which is highly accurate.

    CBC, CRP, D-Dimer, SGPT, Cret, RBS, LDH, Ferritin etc. are included in the full covid profile.

    The Cost of RTPCR is 550 Rs at Concept Diagnostics

    This is Covid19 Antibody testing is also known as Serology test. This test is done for screening the blood to check if you were previously infected with the virus which leads to Covid19. This test is performed by drawing blood from the body and it does not detect the active virus but check your response to the infection

    Well, it depends on the report, if it is positive then it is accurate but if it is negative then there are chances that you may have Covid as sometimes it cannot identify some virus. You will need to have RTPCR test to confirm the report. RTPCR is highly accurate.

    CT scan of Chest can help in diagnosing Covid 19 in your body and comes up with detailed results as a part of high clinical suspicion infection.

    Covid infected person have symptoms such as fever or chills, breathlessness, loss of smell or taste, headache, cough etc.

    When you take vaccine, there are some antigens present in it which triggers immune system of individuals. The flow of blood increase to elevate the movement of the defensive cells in the body, which comes up in the form of fever.