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    If you are looking for complete urine examination, then your search ends here. Urine comprises of hundreds of dissimilar body wastes. Whatever you eat or drink, how much you work out physically, and how well your kidney’s function can affect what is present in your urine.

    Well, complete urine examination embraces a sequence of steps which helps to dig out some peculiarities, diseases, or medical conditions such as kidney disease, liver problems, diabetes, or urinary tract infection.

    ✓ Glucose
    ✓ Ph
    ✓ Transparency
    ✓ Sp. Gravity
    ✓ Pus cell
    ✓ Crystals
    ✓ Urine ketones
    ✓ Physical Examination
    ✓ Urine Protein
    ✓ Chemical Examination
    ✓ Microscopic Finding

    ✓ As a part of regular full body check-up
    ✓ To detect disorders such as kidney or liver disease, diabetes, metabolic disorders, congestive heart failure
    ✓ To check on treatment of medical conditions like kidney or liver problem and diabetes
    ✓ Prior to any surgery
    ✓ To diagnose Urinary Tract Infection
    ✓ If you are hospitalized

    ✓ This test is not recommended during menstrual cycle
    ✓ You need to provide a fresh urine sample in a clean container and hand it over at the laboratory
    ✓ Later, our doctor or technician will examine the sample under microscope to monitor the substances in it which indicates different conditions
    ✓ We deliver the detailed reports within the same day or next day

    • Smart profile- 32 tests
    • Super Profile- 36 tests
    • Prime profile- 42 tests
    • Special Profile- 58 tests
    • Supreme profile- 63 tests
    • Executive profile- 68 tests
    • Majestic Profile- 74 tests
    • CBC- complete blood count (WBC, RBC, platelets)
    • Basic Metabolic panel (Blood Chemistry Panel)
    • Thyroid panel
    • Lipid panel
    • Iron level or vitamin level (especially vitamin B)
    • Enzyme maker to detect the risk factors of cancer
    • Enzyme maker to detect risk factors of stroke, celiac disease or liver cirrhosis
    • STD- Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Usually, you get your reports on the same day or 12 hours, rest of depends on your customized package if you have added other tests.
    • Yes, at Concept diagnostics, home sample collection is possible once you completed booking.
    • A test like X-rays is not possible if you suspect pregnancy.
    • All Health checkups are scheduled with the prior appointment only.
    • Minimum 12 hours of fasting is essential prior to health checkup. You may drink water
    • Avoid alcohol 3 days prior to the health check up
    • Please take care of your belongings if you bring here
    • Please bring your past medical records with you when you come for the health check up
    • Bring your insulin injection with you if you are diabetic so you can have it before or after your breakfast at hospital
    • Yes, but urine routine test and PAP smear test can’t be done during menses.
    • The very first thing you need to know is Health checkup is not recommended when you are sick but it is recommended to everyone whether sick or healthy. Because there are still some medical conditions like cancer which shows no early physical symptoms but comes up when they are at worst stage. So, early detection of the diseases is however very important to cure it at right time. It will reduce any uncertainties like heart stroke and other problems.
    • Yes, It is imporant. Regular health check up examines the functionality of your organs like lungs, kidneys, heart, liver etc. and prevent health issues.
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