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At Concept Diagnostics, Ahmedabad, we offer the latest digital X-ray facilities instead of traditional photographic film. On the ground that Digital X-ray is eco and ozone-friendly. It has a major benefit of time efficiency and takes a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.

Regular X-rays used to take a lot of time to develop film and films, cannot be manipulated. Whereas in digital X-ray it can be viewed clearly and can be enlarged. Images from the digital X-ray have good quality and are easier to use compared to normal X-rays. No chemical is utilized in making the film as they are stored in the device but in normal X-ray, chemicals were used and they were not environment friendly. With the advancement of computer technology, digital X-ray has become much more cost-effective, efficient and safer to use. Storage space is unlimited as you transfer the images into a hard drive. Get to know more about digital X-rays, before moving ahead to book an appointment.

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