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Covid 19 Report: From Covid to Cure it

Covid 19 Report: From Covid to Cure it

Every Flesh in this pandemic, covering mostly all the countries, tends to be at sixes and sevens for their Covid report. This is unquestionable that how life-threatening this virus is!

Coronavirus-19 is a contagious disease enkindled by SARS-CoV-2 Virus. Covid-19 has trapped mostly all the countries by its enormous potency to escalate from one to another person. People of any age can get affected by this, either moderately or severely beyond any doubt. It can be quite vicious to the people of old age who have any underlying medical condition. In a nutshell, one can experience it abysmally or one can lose a life even.

Spread and its prevention:

This virus can spread through an infected person by the way of mouth, nose and touch. A single droplet from sneezing or even speaking can transmit this virus to another person. At this juncture, keeping etiquettes into account plays essential role in stopping this to spread. Such as covering your mouth by flexing elbow while sneezing or coughing. Wearing mask in need and try to avoid physical contact with people, person, place and things as much as possible, sanitize your hands every time you come in touch.


Common symptoms least common symptoms Severe symptoms
Cough Body pain or headache Extreme pain in chest
Fatigue Red eyes Unable to breathe properly
Fevers or chills Sore throat Shortness of breath
New Loss of smell Skin rash Lack of mobility
New Loss of taste diarrhea Difficulty in speaking


What next……?

From the moment any of the above symptoms hit you, begin taking care or precautions to avoid spreading it. Symptoms can go from mild to moderate and moderate to severe and has good chances to get back to the normal, if proper care is taken without the need of hospitalization. At times, symptoms move from severe to wild which needs extreme medical attention and needs hospitalization. In short, whether you have mild or severe symptoms, you should not take any chance and get yourself tested.


Antibody testing:

It is serology blood test carried out by blood draw or finger stick. Sometimes it is done twice to get accurate result. it shows if you have been infected in past by covid. Usually you get this report either on same day or may take longer in some cases.

Antigen testing:

It is rapid Covid test carried out by using nasal swab. If it is positive then you don’t need subsequent tests but if its negative then, to confirm it you may need to get RT PCR test. It diagnoses active covid infection in your body and you can get your reports in an hour mostly.

RT PCR testing:

It is molecular or viral test carried out by using nasal swab or sometimes by saliva. It is highly accurate so whatever you get in your reports are always clear. RT PCR report shows whether you have active covid infection or not.

What should I prefer?

You should get RT PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test to check whether you are covid positive or negative. A swab is long flexible tip with smooth tip on the top which is inserted into your nose to collect the respiratory material from your nose. That swab is sent to the laboratory to check if there is SARS-CoV-2 present in it or not.

Usually, you get your reports in 24 hours and in some cases, it may take a bit longer than usual. Until you get your report, keep yourself isolated.


Negative: If you are not infected with SARS-CoV-2, you will get negative result. It doesn’t exactly mean that you are safe and not have covid. There are good odds that you may had covid week before get tested. If you are covid negative now, still you can be exposed to covid later and get positive if you behave irresponsibly. So, take proper care even if you are covid negative.

Positive: If you have infection with SARS-CoV-2, you will get covid positive in your report. If you have mild symptoms then they will go away by their own when you take extreme care at your home only. There are possibilities that symptoms can go from mild to moderate and moderate to severe. In case you feel that it is getting worse day by day then, contact our health care provider.

What to do if I have covid?

  • Firstly, don’t panic after seeing your report, because you can recover
  • Get yourself isolated for 14 days in a personal room with good ventilation
  • Stay hydrated and drink fluid as much as possible
  • Wear triple layer mask or N 95 mask and discard the mask when it feels wet or in every 8 hours
  • Don’t share your belongings with any other person
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap properly
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer frequently to clean your hands
  • Measure your body temperature and oxygen level repeatedly
  • Clean the place or things you touch
  • Follow breathing etiquettes, take long breathe in and breathe out
  • Let the health-care provide know if you feel any new symptoms

If you have severe symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Again, don’t get panicky because definitely it will affect badly.

Post covid:

Once you feel that all your symptoms have gone away, get Confirmatory RT PCR to check whether you are free from the virus or still have any antibodies in your body.

If you had covid in past then, there is possibility to get reinfected again so it is better to take precautions whether you had covid or not in past.

If you are undergoing any symptoms or have any doubt regarding covid test. We are just a call away. Get all-in-one test by our experienced health care provider at Concept Diagnostics. What more, we offer and schedule an appointment for home collection covid RT PCR test. Get your reports just in a day! And along with that we also offer tele consultation for covid positive patients by our consultant physician so you can rest assured that you are being monitored and taking medicines under proper guidance.